Some considerations for rebuilding the carb set yourself

The GL1000 or the GL1100 carburetors can be rebuilt by individuals with reasonable skills and mechanical knowledge. We understand this at Pistol Pete's because we possess these attributes. However, making the choice to do this on your own should be governed by some important questions below.

1) Do I have the time to devote to a perfectly rebuilt set? Even when there are precise instructions available that accurately describe the rebuild procedure, it might not describe what is actually wrong with your set. When finished and the set is placed onto your engine for its first start, you could easily end up with the same problems as before or worse. All this takes time and many hours of frustration. Individuals who ask Pistol Pete's Services to "fix" the the rebuild for them have usually overlooked the real problem because they do not know how to find it and were not instructed how to find it.

2) Do I have the tools to sucessfully rebuild my set? Many carburetors that arrive at Pistol Pete's have the float pin posts broken and we are not suprised by this because we have been there and done that. We have developed the tools that remove the float pins without the possibility of breaking the posts. It just will not happen at our shop or we replace it free. We have also developed tools to remove other intricate components without damaging them or the carburetor.

3) Do I have all that I need to do the job successfully? Most rebuild kit manufacturers omit some important parts that are critical. Without a carefully engineered kit that includes every component needed, the results will be less than perfect. Carefully engineered components are designed for todays fuels as well as fit. We use PPSvc component parts that are correct and will last.

4) Are the new items I have purchased designed for my set? Jets are jets, right? Fair question but they are not. Many jets have been incorrectly made and will allow leakages to occur when they are expected to precisely run the engine. We know the differences and inferior components are never used or reused in sets that we rebuild.

5) If a part is broken when I get inside, where can I get another one? EBay can offer a great resource for good used parts but they may be broken as well or the wrong ones and take as much as two to three weeks to arrive. We will never reuse a component that is broken or incorrect for your set and we always have an inventory of replacement parts exclusively for our rebuild customers.

6) Where can I get a vacuum gauge set to effectively synchronize my set when finished? Gauges for this purpose can be not only expensive but most likely they may need calibrating before use. We calibrate our equipment once a month to assure that when we say "your set will be synchronized to 1/2 "/hg, and you can depend on it.

7) I have "sucessfully" synchronized my set according to the directions but why isn't the engine running correctly? Generally speaking when a set is "synchronized" each vacuum gauge reads the same or very close to it. We at Pistol Pete's know that the set can still be running the engine poorly and we also know how to take the final steps to correctly finish the job.

8) Will I do a good job on my set? Most likely you will follow the directions well and you will do an adequate job. But will your set run your engine at 600 rpm without stalling and with good throttle up response? Each set that we rebuild will run its properly maintained engine well and correctly. Our reputation speaks for itself and we pride ourselves on the nearly 450 sets that we have rebuilt correctly with a 99% satisfaction rate.

9) How much will I spend to do the job myself? When added up, all of the kits, screws, hoses, tools, gauges, etc. can cost as much as allowing Pistol Pete's Services do a perfectly rebuilt and precision engine balanced set for you.We will turn around your set usually in three business days and never more than 5 business days unless there are abnormal issues.

10) Do I have doubts about the above answers to the questions? If so, you might wish to consider Pistol Pete's when you make the final decision to do the task yourself or send them to us. We will expertly clean all of your components individually, replace soft goods with new, adjust each setting perfectly and "Engine Balance" the completed set to less than one half inch of mercury (1/2"/hg) on test engine that is well within OEM specifications, all at a fair price. We are sure that you will never be plagued with carb questions if we do the job. We are sure enough that should you buy the "Kits" or specific items for your set and they are unused we will credit up to $65.00 off the cost of our regular price to rebuild your set*. Only at Pistol Pete's Services can you expect this complete service.

Give us the chance to prove what we can do, you will not be sorry for the decision.

Thank you and we are looking forward to servicing your set soon.

Pistol Pete

Note: * All components must be sent with your complete carb set when Pistol Pete's rebuilds them. Pistol Pete will use only those components that accompany the set that are equal to OEM components. In all cases you must supply a receipt for any and all rebuild components supplied.





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