PPS carbs and gauges pricing.

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Expert Carburetor Rebuilding

Our Multi-Step process assures that your set will be returned to equal or better than OEM internal standards. Our reputation on the Internet and the major forums has indicated that we have always operated with integrity, honesty and with over hundreds of rebuilds under our belt, you can be assured that your set will perform perfectly.
Pistol Pete's pricing is governed by the time to rebuild the set, the cost of the PPSvc component parts and engine synchronizing/balancing. Others will most likely charge more but will not perform the same tasks that we will. Tasks such as disassembly to the individual carburetor body when cleaning, replacing the throttle shaft seals, replacing all seals and required parts of the PPSvc kit items along with the installation of five new vacuum hoses, plus adding one new fuel hose, expertly reassembling all parts, engine running to ensure proper synchronizing and balancing of the set. All of this is provided in the cost of the rebuild. It is fair to say that our price is the most economical of any other rebuilder given the use of PPSvc parts and and our special services.

Should extra repairs or replacement components be required, Pistol Pete's will notify the owner of the issues found. If approved, our immediate access to a complete inventory of replacement parts will not impede the time of the rebuild. All this at reasonable additional cost.


Pistol Pete is compiling a list of the first 200 GoldWing's for the production years of 1975-1979. Do you have one? Click here for additional information.









CBX Gauge Repair

Pistol Pete's Services is expanding. We will rebuild, repair and convert CBX 1000 gauges. Take a look here for CBX gauge rebuild pricing.



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